Excellency in Aircraft Maintenance since 1991

Company / History

Founded in 1991, Aeromec is an aircraft and components maintenance company, that over 25 years of history, has been continuously adapted to the demanding aviation market segment.

It started its activities in helicopters maintenance and nowadays, in its modern facilities in Cascais Municipal Airport, is one of the main companies in Executive Aviation market.

At Lisbon Airport, Aeromec provides line maintenance services to the modern Airbus aircraft.

Company History Main Events:



- Aeromec started ATR aircraft maintenance services, which are made in its facilities in Cascais Aerodrome.



- Conclusion of the ManWinWin program implementation. This system was implemented with the purpose of a modernization of the process control and management of work orders, reducing the errors occurrences.

- It was taken the decision to build a new 7,500 m2 hangar at the Beja civil airport for base maintenance, as C Checks, on large aircrafts such as Airbus A310, A320 and A330.



- Implementation of the New Code of Conduct and the Performance Evaluation and Career Development Process (PADDC), considered a key tool for the promotion of an excellent performance, for the employees capabilities growth and consequently, improving the quality of provided services.



- Aeromec obtains ISO 9001 certification which ensures the management of work procedures and the proper distribution of the better qualified team for each specific maintenance work performed, promoting a continuous improvement of provided services, consistently ensuring the Clients needs and necessities regarding quality, safety and efficiency.

- Aeromec starts its activity in heavy aircraft segment, particularly in the maintenance line at Lisbon Airport, including Check A maintenance in Airbus A310 and A320.



- Aeromec obtains executive aircraft certification, namely Bombardier Learjet and Cessna Citation, following the growth of OMNI Aviação e Tecnologia in this sector.



- Aeromec moves into its new hangar, with ultra modern facilities at Cascais Municipal Airfield, ensuring that is range of approval would expand to new aircraft certifications, which through the operator OMNI, starts regular flights in Peninsula Ibérica area.



- Aeromec changes is social head office for Cascais Municipal Airfield, staying temporarily in hangar 1, OMNI’s property, starting his certification in fixed-wing




- Aeromec’s entire share capital is acquired by OMNI - Aviação e Tecnologia SA, who had become one of its main customers.



- Aeromec joins OMNI - Aviação e Tecnologia, obtaining a maintenance certificate for Bell 205.



- Creation of Aeromec - Mecânica de Aeronaves Lda, as an aircraft maintenance company, based in Salemas heliport in Loures, specialized in the aircraft industry.

- Aeromec Certification as JAR-145 Company, by the Directorate of Civil Aviation – DAC.

- Aeromec was chosen by Bell Helicopter Inc., as a service station in Portugal for the helicopters Bell 206 and Bell 222.